SAGARIS Group means Operating experience – the experience a company needs to face challenges and to grow.

  • We work with plastic companies who wish to grow or get out of a tough situation.
  • We are specialized in crisis management and in helping companies grow more rapidly, effectively and efficiently.
  • We can help any organization align operations with strategy

SAGARIS Group is committed to help our clients achieve world-class manufacturing operations for plastic-based components such as:

  • Complete Cockpit modules
  • Instrument Panels
  • Door Assemblies
  • Consoles
  • Major Interior Garnish Trim components
  • Components for the Overhead Systems
  • Exterior parts such as bumpers, fascias and other plastic-based exterior ornamentation
  • Consumer products

We develop and define operational strategies and help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance. We are experienced in operations work and committed to finding solutions for clients.
We can help any organization align operations with strategy. Our efforts on manufacturing and production excellence are focused on helping companies leverage capabilities that generate competitive advantage and reduce costs, ranging from shop-floor and production systems to quality initiatives.